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Some states are pushing for a MASSIVE federal bailout from taxpayers. They want YOU to cushion them from the financial pain they caused by their unconstitutional and ineffective lockdown on businesses and people across their cities and states.

Are you ready to pull out your checkbook to pay off the politicians that made these irresponsible decisions?

If not, sign our petition to let Congress know.

Dear Legislator,

I strongly oppose the efforts to force Americans to bail out the politicians hurt economically by their decision to shut down for COVID-19.

The leaders in these states, by their own actions, hurt their local economies. And these same leaders need to work creatively to support and stimulate their local business and reverse the damage their decisions caused to local business owners.

In addition, some states have been poorly managing their pension funds into insolvency and want taxpayers from other states to bail them out under the cover of COVID-19. That’s unacceptable.

These politicians need to understand that their future budget is dependent upon their ability to encourage the businesses looking to them for leadership. We cannot tax our way into prosperity by governors looking to grab cash from the taxpayers in other states.


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