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Pelosi Doing Planned Parenthood's Dirty Work

Nov 25, 2019

One incredible man is rising above the label “aborted.” I want you to hear his powerful story below!

This Thanksgiving week, I can’t help but remember that life is the first thing to be thankful for and on that foundation everything else rests. Republicans have introduced a bill on every legislative day of this year that would punish anyone who kills a newborn baby. But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has blocked that bill from even getting a vote.

I hope you will take just a few moments to help me protect the lives of people like Nik. Click the button below to sign our petition to pass the Born-Alive Act and then hear Nik’s amazing story. -Mat

While Pelosi wants to protect Planned Parenthood—we are working to protect real people, like Nik Hoot.

Today, Nik is a hardworking landscaper. But 23 years ago, in Siberia, Russia, his mom tried to abort him. Nik’s medical record reads “Interrupted gestation 24 weeks.” But the abortion failed, and instead he was born alive at full gestation ... and nearly 11 pounds!

By age two, Nik was adopted into an incredible American family by Apryl and Marvin Hoot. But every day Nik lives with the challenges of missing both feet and one knee as well as missing fingers on both hands.

His Facebook page states: “A lot of things aren’t easy when you are 6’5” and need prosthetics because your mother decided she needed to be unpregnant more than you needed your legs.”

But despite the daily challenges—like prosthetics wearing holes in his pants at an alarming rate—Nick does more than live, he thrives.

In school, he played softball, basketball, and even football. And for wrestling, he went to the semi-state championship, which represents the top 10 percent of wrestlers in his state!

But if Nik had been born in America instead of Siberia, an abortionist could have killed Nik as a newborn baby, snuffing out his life without fear of any punishment because Pelosi refuses to close loopholes in the Born-Alive Act.

This current loophole is incredibly evil and wrong! And there are hundreds, maybe thousands, more just like Nik who were born alive after a “failed” abortion.

I hope you will take a moment right now to help me demand that our nation close this loophole. Add your name to our powerful Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act petition to protect newborns like Nik who are born in America.

It is up to you and me to stand up for these newborn babies. Little, helpless people who are just like Nik was 23 years ago—newborn babies who have all the same potential he had at birth.

But Liberty Counsel Action is facing powerful opposition—people like Speaker Pelosi, who want to ignore Nik and thousands of others like him.

And we are fighting on other fronts, like the California’s attorney general’s office, who prefers to persecute my client Sandra Merritt for exposing Planned Parenthood and who is at the same time desperate to ignore the murders of living newborn babies within their state!

We cannot do this alone. We need friends who are standing in the gap, praying, supporting, and giving so that we can stand on Capitol Hill and be the voice to stop this raw evil in our nation.

Your gift now is critically important. We can’t continue this work without your partnership. Please help us continue fighting this battle with fresh ideas and new plans with a monthly donation or a one-time gift of generous support!

Thank you for standing with us to defend these innocent children and the beautiful future God intends for them!

Thankful for life and liberty,

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. Nik is just one of hundreds, maybe thousands, of children born alive after an abortion. I hope his life can help wake our nation out of complacency toward Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is harvesting organs from living babies just like Nik.

I hope that you will get involved today. Sign our petition to protect babies like Nik from being harvested for research. If you are able, please donate. Your support bolsters our team in our fight for these lives. Then help us spread the word about these legislators’ dangerous blockade against the Born-Alive Act by sending this email to your friends.