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Fear Is Deadly...

Jul 27, 2020

Our freedom—really, our humanity—is facing an onslaught of attacks. Nursing home residents, churches, and even professional athletes are all under different pressures right now. Learn below how sports corporations are leading the way in requiring tracking and spying on their players, how some nursing homes are hurting their patients, and how politicians are using fear to try to control you and destroy your freedom.

Is it working?

Now is the time to stand up and protect the future of our nation. Our rights have been recognized by our Constitution and hundreds of years of American history. Let it not be said that on our watch we discarded our freedom for the illusion of safety.

Send your message to state and national leaders to demand that our constitutional freedoms be protected today. - Mat

Many who have been the most hurt by the lockdowns are those already on the forgotten fringes of our society. One woman flew from Los Angeles to Memphis, TN to visit her mother in a nursing home. When she arrived, she immediately noticed her mother was having difficulty walking. When she removed her shoes, the problem was evident: long, curling toenails were growing back into her skin.

When she brought that up to the staff, they said only a podiatrist was allowed to trim toenails. Her mother's diaper was wet. Her bathroom had no toilet paper or soap. She was allowed only a 30-minute visit. When she returned the next day, she was not allowed into the facility to see her mother. The woman is staying at a nearby hotel where through her window she hopes to get a fleeting glimpse of her mom in her room. I have been in contact with this woman, and I am heartbroken.

The father of one of our own staff fell and was taken to the hospital. The family was not allowed to visit. He was then moved to rehab, again with no visitors. The family was told he was doing well and walking 10 feet. Two days after that hopeful message, he was released into her care. He couldn't even stand. "Oh, he regressed," was the only curt explanation given.

Our world is full of broken and hurting people. Some are even dying without hope because of the lockdown restrictions. I know my own late mother would not have survived the lockdown measures in place today.

We need to stand up and protect these marginalized people who are being hurt by these draconian government policies that are causing more harm than good. Let us not discard the liberty that the Founding Fathers and men in women in the armed services purchased at such a dear price. Send your fax today to state and national leaders to allow our national and state policies to return to a standard of constitutional freedom for everyone.

The National Football League (NFL) and National Basketball Association (NBA) are requiring players to put on personal, wearable, tracking devices every morning when they show up. Coaches, assistant staff, media ... in fact, "everyone in the NFL team environment will wear the devices on a daily basis," CNBC reported.

When they get closer than six feet, the device starts beeping to warn them to back off. Each evening the device is turned in, sanitized and the data is provided to a third-party company to track and store the data.

The company, Kinexon, said that 25,000 people are already using their product, known as "SafeZone." This company already has the capability to track GPS "precise location and movement" through their sports performance technology.

This technology could easily replace the current devices being used or become required to be permanently worn. In addition, it is a small step for these sports corporations to require the same of their in-person fans. This demonstrates how fragile your freedoms currently are.

Perhaps in the near future, a stadium, grocery store, pharmacy, or school will all be places that you must bow to contact tracing and completely abandon your constitutional privacy. With a single decision, these corporations can mandate any number of unconstitutional demands on you. And employees will be forced to choose between providing for their family and protecting their freedom and privacy.

Americans need to understand that if we want to protect liberty, we have to be willing to fight for our "neighbor's" freedom in order to safeguard our own.

Now is the time to rise up and remind our leaders to safeguard our birthright of freedom. Act now to send a fax to our national and state leaders to protect our constitutional liberties.

The church is called to minister to a broken and hurting world, not unlike doctors and nurses in a hospital.

Just as it would be ridiculous to demand that our nurses and doctors stop treating medical needs, it is just as inane to demand that churches close their doors and stop helping hurting people. A hurting world desperately needs the ministry of believers.

I believe that God is sifting His church and calling His people to choose this day if we will bow to man's approval or seek God's approval.

There are just 99 days left until the election. As our nation slumps from post-Christian to anti-Christian, our liberty will increasingly come under fire. And this makes our precious freedom even more valuable to fight for today.

Stand up and make your voice heard all across our nation to keep and protect freedom here in America. Send your fax today.

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Mat Staver

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