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Best Way to Fight Mandatory Vaccines Is...

Aug 21, 2020

There is lethargy among some who hope they will be protected from mandatory vaccines by our Constitution. Today, let me explain why your freedom might not be as secure as you had hoped. I want to warn you about emergency orders for mandatory vaccines and how they could happen in America.

In summary, the best place to fight and protect our medical freedom right now is in your governor’s mansion and your legislative halls. It will be easier there than in the courts, and I’ll explain why below. But first I urge you to make your voice heard today.

Together, we can demand freedom from these under-tested vaccines—many of which are infused with aborted fetal cells. Send your fax to our governors and legislators all across America now. -Mat

These mandatory vaccines could be enforced by the states, and absent an express religious opt-out clause (some of which are being repealed) or a state religious freedom law (RFRA, which many states do not have), the chance of winning in the courts is limited.

The battle must be fought now, and won now, before we have to resort to the courts.

Many of these vaccines include human cell lines from aborted children. In addition, these vaccines have been tested for a tiny fraction of the time necessary to test human reactions to the injection. Pharmaceutical corporations are discussing rolling out the vaccine before these trials are even finished in an effort to get the vaccines out sooner, and get paid sooner.

It is urgent that everyone across America rise up to demand protection against mandatory vaccinations. Make your voice heard by the elected officials that need to take action now, to protect your liberty. Send your urgent fax today.

Right now, there are mandatory vaccine requirements in China, South Korea, Poland, Romania, Italy and India, dating years back. Israel is strongly considering one for COVID-19. But some might say, “Oh, that could never happen to Americans.”

We are seeing increasing attacks, almost daily, on our constitutional rights and personal freedom under the cloud of COVID.

I do not want to count on my liberty being dependent on the whims of a judge who may or may not understand my constitutional rights, religious beliefs, or deep concerns about the safety and moral issues of the vaccine because of how many include aborted fetal cells.

Join me in the fight against this now before your children and grandchildren start being injected with DNA and RNA-altering injections that could include the cells of a child aborted and sacrificed on the altar of medical science.

Flood the offices of the elected officials who will decide if they will uphold personal freedom or mandate that you take whatever vaccine they pick. Send your fax today.

Right now, vaccine advocates are urging that only “medical exemptions” be allowed. Do NOT underestimate Big Pharma. Hundreds of billions of dollars are at stake with a mandatory vaccine.

In most cases, the only way to prove you need a medical exemption is to personally take the vaccine and then have a reaction to it—at which point any exemption granted would be too late to do you any good.

Keep in mind that Bill Gates said if 750,000 people had “severe reactions” (including death) from a COVID-19 vaccine, that number of people injured or killed is acceptable to him.

This is why we need to win the battle over mandatory vaccinations in the legislature. Join our urgent fax campaign to the governors and legislators that will be making these decisions for you.

I am deeply grateful for the support of our friends and partners. Your donations are what empower us to have staff on Capitol Hill and to be able to raise up activists across America to fight against mandatory vaccines.

We need to educate our neighbors, our city councils, our school boards, our state legislators, and our governors. I encourage you to visit our page about hydroxychloroquine and available, safe medical options besides vaccines. Print and share our fact sheet.

My desire is to stand as a watchman on the wall and warn our nation of the dangers ahead and give you the tools to turn our nation around. Will you send us your best possible gift today to make sure our organization’s voice is not silenced?

Now is the time to prepare, to work together, and to educate our elected officials. We cannot sit on the sidelines and hope our freedoms will be protected by someone else’s whims.


Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. Now is the time for us to push back and win this battle for freedom in the legislatures across America. Send a fax demanding that legislators and governors make sure that the choice for a vaccination stays truly free.

If you cannot send a fax today, please sign our petition to leaders and to the White House urging them to provide national leadership to protect these freedoms and liberties.

If you can support Liberty Counsel Action with a donation of any size today, we would deeply appreciate your partnership with us in this mission. Again, thank you and God bless.