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HCQ: A Bitter Pill for Pharmaceutical Corporations to Swallow

The truth is, hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration more than 65 years ago. The World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention both have published statements saying that HCQ is safe (obviously not including overdoses). It has been used on millions of patients safely since April of 1955. In some countries it does not even require a prescription; pills are simply over-the-counter.

In addition, a study of more than 6,200 doctors worldwide chose HCQ as the most effective available treatment for COVID-19 (though best results include zinc and a few additional medicines).

In addition, 11 independent studies since February 19, 2020, show the effectiveness of treating COVID-19 with some form of hydroxychloroquine. Studies were from France, India, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Iran, New York, China, and one study that spanned 16 countries. In New York, a nursing home, which had more than a 50 percent death rate, dropped their death rate to less than 6 percent using HCQ. That's lowering the death rate by 45%!

If you have any remaining questions about HCQ being both a safe and an effective treatment for COVID-19, please view our printable fact sheet with many more facts, studies, and links:

Hydroxychloroquine and COVID-19 Fact Sheet

What about the studies saying HCQ doesn't work?

There is often repeated data claiming opposing conclusions about HCQ. So, LCA staff closely investigated studies that showed HCQ did NOT work and quickly found the following problems:

  • Companies with financial conflicts of interest funding studies
  • Researchers leading the study who have conflicts of interest
  • Lack of testing to verify if study participants actually had COVID-19
  • Shocking overdoses being used, (up to 6x the dose for lupus patients) This is arguably criminal because professionals have known since the 1950s that large overdoses cause heart arrhythmia
  • Some studies refusing to say how many patients were in the study or what dose of HCQ was given.
  • Medicines being shipped to private homes providing zero firsthand knowledge of who did or didn't take the medicine provided.
  • Patients with the severest symptoms were given HCQ while patients with milder symptoms were placed into the so-called "control group."
  • A refusal to use zinc with HCQ, and
  • Studies that offered HCQ 10 or more days after the onset of symptoms. Early treatment is important.

Despite significant studies showing the benefits of HCQ—and major flaws in the "studies" seeking to disprove HCQ—our government refuses to accept HCQ as a safe remedy for COVID-19 patients. (Read more on government boards' financial conflicts of interest.)

In some states, doctors are being silenced and threatened with medical malpractice and license suspension if they prescribe HCQ for treating COVID-19. Pharmacists' licenses also are being threatened if they fill a prescription for this drug for COVID-19 patients.

The America's Frontline Doctors created the following map of where HCQ is available and where it is prohibited:

Zoom Webinar with Dr. Simone Gold & Mat Staver

We are not to live in fear during these challenging times. In fact, Christians have a clarion call to be Lights in order to protect free speech.

In this webinar. Dr. Gold shares the medical and legal crisis that is happening now with COVID and the censorship of Hydroxychloroquine.

Now is the moment for you to get involved...

Technology giants in California have censored the truth. Facebook admitted it censored more than 105,000,000 posts by individuals, groups, and pages in the last three months with information about COVID-19. In addition, information from America's Frontline Doctors was taken off Google's Youtube, and Twitter. Squarespace erased their organization's entire website and held hostage their URL website address. This lifesavng truth is being censored by Big Tech and silenced by social media. It's time for We the People to push back.

LCA encourages you to take this information both on and off-line.

  • Print and share our Fact Sheet with your friends, family, pastor or clergy, school officials, club and community leaders.
  • Brainstorm anyone you know living in the dark states above and share this information with them to give them the tools to fight for freedom.
  • Email this page to your friends and share privately through Facebook messenger.
  • Support our organization's staff on Capitol Hill to advocate for common sense change in national policy on your behalf.
  • Sign our free petition urging national leadership to stop radical corporations from silencing some of our nation's top medical professionals.
  • Pray for a change of heart in American politicians and bureaucrats.

What's there to lose?

Why is this proven, effective and safe drug being politicized during a world pandemic? Why would large pharmaceutical companies want to discredit hydroxychloroquine? Why would government offices wield their power to ban HCQ? Perhaps because billions are at stake between the development of a vaccine and patented new treatments and the low cost of a safe, effective generic drug.

Scores of patients have overcome the virus after receiving HCQ in the early stages of diagnosis, thus preventing hospitalization, ventilators, and possible death. This is in direct competition against the drug Remdesivir which only works to shorten the stay of COVID-19 patients recovering in the hospital. It does not save any lives. One full treatment with this patented drug can cost as much at $5,700 per person. (Read more…) HCQ usually costs less than $10.

HCQ works to significantly reduce hospital visits (by 80%) which costs hospitals millions of dollars. One example of this is just 25 Medicaid patients on ventilators means—on top of normal reimbursements—there is an extra bonus going to the hospital of roughly $1,000,000. (Though that number varies slightly based on medical accounting.)

In a lawsuit demanding the government release their horde of HCQ, the Association of American Physicians & Surgeons provided the following graphic:

Yet, despite this information, our government refuses to give doctors, pharmacists and patients the freedom to make medical treatment decisions in the best interest of each patient. Many doctors can't even speak out about the truth they have discovered to successfully treat this virus.

In the middle of a pandemic, this must be stopped! Get involved with Liberty Counsel Action today to make a difference!

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