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We Can Stop This Nightmare in the Senate

Feb 26, 2021

Yesterday, the House passed the “Equality Act” by a slim margin. But, we can stop this dangerous bill in the Senate.

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) said, “This eviscerates the First Amendment. [It] guts thousands of years of religious beliefs; this will mean the end of America as we know it.” In addition to throwing out religious freedom, this bill will be a nightmare to parents and children.

The battle in the Senate will be fierce, but we can stop this bill. We MUST stop this bill. Even if you already responded, we need to keep up the pressure. —Mat

The misnamed “Equality Act” will override parents and harm children. It will fundamentally damage the parent-child relationship.

First, if someone pressures or persuades a young girl to get an abortion, she will have no one to protect her from this life-and-death decision. The “Equality Act” will make abortion through all nine months a federal right. It will preempt every state law – including parental notification or consent and informed consent. The parents will have no say; nor will the hospitals, healthcare workers or pharmacists. Insurance companies cannot refuse coverage, and our taxes will fund the killing of innocent life.

If anyone listed above resists the abortion (including parents), they can be sued by the U.S. Department of Justice, private individuals and organizations—including Planned Parenthood.

Second, if the child becomes confused by the propaganda at schools fueled by the “Equality Act” and thinks you can choose your sex like you choose your clothes, there will be no one to help. The child can demand hormone-blocking drugs (stopping puberty), opposite-sex hormones and even surgery to remove healthy body parts.

Again, the parents will have no say; nor will the hospitals, healthcare providers or pharmacists. Insurance and taxpayer funds will cover the expense. If the parents object, this will be considered child abuse, and the child could be removed from the home. I am not exaggerating – this is already happening even without the “Equality Act.”

Third, if the child asks the parents for help to overcome unwanted same-sex attractions, behaviors or gender confusion, there will be no one to help. The “Equality Act” will make it illegal to provide any such counsel to help overcome these unwanted attractions, behaviors or confusion. In fact, this bill makes such counsel illegal for ALL AGES and FOR ANY COUNSEL – licensed and unlicensed – and this includes pastoral counseling.

Fourth, this dangerous bill will require faith-based adoption and foster care ministries to place children in LGBTQ homes. And remember, the “Q” encompasses nearly 550 paraphilias – which includes pedophilia!

WE MUST STOP THIS BILL! Send your fax to the Senate to stop the "Equality Act" from endangering our kids.

I want to share a tragic story we are working on now . . .

Parents found out that the public school where their daughter attended hid from them the fact that the school referred their daughter for “gender transition” hormone-blocking drugs. The parents were never informed!

But it gets worse:

When the parents discovered what was going on behind their backs, they stepped in to protect their daughter. They stopped the hormone drugs and preparation for surgical removal of her breasts and female organs. The local officials claimed that stopping this “care” was “child abuse.”

Under the “Equality Act,” this tragic situation would become the norm.

If the "Equality Act" passes, loving care and professional help for children will be considered child abuse and illegal. All parents could be forced to choose between participating in—and even being forced to encourage—their child to take hormones and receive mutilating surgeries or risk losing their child altogether.

In a horrific twist of irony, if such children are removed from their home, under this bill, they can only be placed in homes that affirm and condone LGBTQ behavior. The “Q” gives special privileges for “queer” or “questioning” children and adults. Placement agencies and ministries will not be allowed to refuse such placement – even with a “minor-attracted person” (a pedophile).

I know this sounds impossible – but it is true. WE MUST STOP THIS BILL!

This law could force a gender-confused child out of a Christian home and in a few hours place the child under the control of a pedophile, and the parents will have no say.

But this horrific situation doesn't have to happen—you can help stop it right now.

We can fight back and defeat this bill. If we win, it will save millions of lives and families, and prevent costly court fees and expenses. That's why I'm asking you to act now by faxing the Senate to oppose this outrageous bill—and protect your family's freedom.


We have bipartisan support to keep the filibuster – which requires 60 votes. The Democrats do not have 60 votes. That is why they are looking for ways to sneak this through on a majority voice vote. Every minute of every day we need one person on the floor to object. This will force a full vote.

We are working with senators to guard the floor. WE NEED EVERY VOTE AND EVERY VOICE. We need your voice NOW to send a strong message.

STOP this bill from becoming law with your fax to the Senate today.

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Thank you for your generosity and for partnering with Liberty Counsel Action in defense of life, family and freedom!

Fighting for families,

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

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Send a fax demanding that senators block this horrific bill.

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