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This Bill Will Override Every Abortion Restriction

Mar 3, 2021

If the so-called "Equality Act" passes the Senate, it will erase EVERY single restriction on abortion with the stroke of Joe Biden's pen. This will even eliminate the ban on partial-birth abortion, gruesome late-term abortions that rip limbs off children while they are still alive. This proposed federal law will supersede all state laws!

Medical professionals will have zero protection to turn down demands to perform or attend abortion procedures, prescribe or provide abortion-inducing drugs or hormone treatments, or make abortion referrals. And such abortion referrals will even apply to pro-life crisis pregnancy centers.

All because of the "Equality Act."

This is the most destructive bill ever against religious freedom and life. I'll explain how you can stop it. -Mat

Tell the Senate: Abortion is NOT a right! Vote "No" on the "Equality Act"! Select here to send your fax NOW!

Words have specific meanings. HR 5 states, "pregnancy, childbirth or a related medical condition shall not receive less favorable treatment than other physical conditions."

The bill will make abortion a federal "right" from fertilization until birth. It will preempt every state law. This bill will force all healthcare providers to support the "right" to abortion directly, or indirectly by mandatory referrals.

If this bill becomes law, a partially born child could still be subjected to a brutal death--which is exactly what partial birth abortion did until that procedure was banned. The "Equality Act" will override every state and federal law--including viability, partial birth abortion and more!

Every medical provider--including pro-life crisis pregnancy centers--will be forced to treat abortion as morally neutral and participate in or support it--if this bill passes.

We must Stop the "Equality Act"! Select here to send your fax NOW!

This bill, called by its House bill number, HR 5, will preempt all state laws, including prior federal laws -- which includes laws restricting federal funding. Parental notice or consent removed, informed consent erased, waiting periods gone and ultrasound requirements no more. When this bill makes all "treatments" for pregnancy a "right," that means there can be no restrictions whatsoever on abortion from fertilization to birth-abortion on demand for any reason at any stage of pregnancy.

ALL hospitals, medical providers, pharmacists, employers and insurance companies will be forced to participate in chemical and surgical abortions. And abortions will be federally funded.

The House also just passed a proposed budget that states Planned Parenthood is eligible for taxpayer PPP funds! This means the Senate is working on the budget now. Any time the Senate is in a budget session, a single senator can ask to include the "Equality Act" in the budget vote. This circumvents the 60-vote filibuster to allow a simple majority.

Thankfully, this can be blocked. If one senator objects to this maneuver, then a full vote with the filibuster rule is required. We are working with senators to make sure the floor is covered every minute to object if needed. Join us in blocking this dangerous bill with your urgent fax now.

Health insurance offered by churches, religious schools and employers must cover abortion. No person of faith or religious institution will be able to refuse because HR 5 revokes the Religious Freedom Restoration Act!

Remember Hobby Lobby and Little Sisters of the Poor that objected to abortion-inducing drugs and devices and won? They won under RFRA. Under the "Equality Act," without RFRA, they lose.

Every time sex nondiscrimination was written into previous laws, abortion was always excluded. Until now!

This bill will force crisis pregnancy centers to refer women for abortion. This is what California tried to do a few years ago. Fortunately, we dragged Attorney General Xavier Becerra (now nominated as Secretary of Health and Human Services) to the Supreme Court--and we won. But if the "Equality Act" passes, these blood-thirsty extremists will again force crisis pregnancy centers to refer women to killing machines all across America!

Because this bill decimates life and liberty, we need to demand that the Senate stop the "Equality Act." Even if you already responded, we need to keep the pressure on our senators. We can win this critical battle.

Think about this for a moment! Under the guise of "equality," this bill revokes religious freedom under RFRA and makes killing helpless preborn children a federal "right." And they have the nerve to call it the "Equality Act!"

Under this bill, a child in the womb has zero rights--and neither do fathers, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, churches, schools or insurance providers.

There is NOTHING EQUAL about eliminating a helpless life.

We can stop the "Equality Act" from making abortion a federal right. Tell the Senate: STOP FORCING ABORTION ON US! VOTE NO on the "Equality Act"! Select here or the button below.

This bill is a clear and present danger to these precious children. If you haven't already, sign our petition. Our team in Washington, D.C., is in contact with members of the Senate to stop this bill. But this is only possible with the donations of our faithful friends and supporters. Join our extended Challenge Grant to DOUBLE the impact of your gift today.

Join me in praying for America and for our children--born and unborn.


Fighting for liberty!

Mat Staver, Chairman

Liberty Counsel Action

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