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Why Was This Judge Arrested

Jun 11, 2021

A drag-queen Story Hour supporter—and darling of Democrats—has now been charged in both state and federal court for graphic sexual abuse images and videos of children. But I'll expose how the so-called "Equality Act' will put young children in the crosshairs of the radical lobbyists' agenda—and block you from protecting them. Even if you already responded, we need to keep up the pressure against this bill. - Mat 

It churns my stomach to read that Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Brett Blomme was arrested, prosecuted and sentenced for videos and images of horrific, graphic sexual abuse of children as young as toddlers.

This man and his "husband' have two children in their own custody. The criminal complaint includes a description of some of the nauseating videos he uploaded—some of the children the same age as the two in his own home.

But if HR 5 passes, every religious organization, school, church or business will be forced to put into leadership people immersed in this deviant behavior. The damage is unthinkable! Please rush your urgent fax to the U.S. Senate to block this bill right now!

Blomme is the past president and CEO of Cream City Foundation, which is an LGBTQ+ organization that funded Milwaukee Drag Queen Story Hour. The website, which the group tried to scrub, brags that Drag Queen Story Hour gets LGBTQ+ before these little kids to "provide a safe space' for them. Yeah, right!

When Drag Queen Story Hour began in public libraries, I warned this was grooming children for pedophiles. If HR 5 becomes law, not only will it protect this judge, but it will also punish anyone who "discriminates' against this perversion.

According to the Equality Act, the "Q" in LGBTQ stands for "queer," which includes every sexual paraphilia. There are actually about 550 different "paraphilias' of which pedophilia is just one perversion this bill protects.

The Human Rights Campaign, the largest LGBTQ lobby group, states, "'Queer' serves as an umbrella term that encompasses many people as it intersects with sexual orientation and gender identity. It includes anyone who does not associate with heteronormativity.'

PFLAG said "queer' is "reclaimed from its earlier negative use ... to be inclusive of the entire community, and by others who find it to be an appropriate term to describe their more fluid identities.'

And the University of Northern Iowa states "queer' is "a term people often use to express fluid identities and orientations.'

B4U-Act, which pushes pedophilia to professors, counselors, activists and media, even uses the euphemism "minor-attracted persons' for people just like this judge.

I wish this was hyperbole, but it's not! This judge is not normal! The Q in LGBTQ in the text of HR 5 would make it illegal to protect children from people like him! This bill will make it illegal to keep people like this judge away from children in your church, school, daycare or public library.

We absolutely must stop this bill. Every vote counts. Send your fax right now to demand that the Senate block this bill.

I can't and won't describe what is in the court documents detailing these videos. Using the screen name "dommasterbb,' this Drag Queen Story Hour sponsor and promoter had videos depicting violent, forced, sexual abuse of children as young as 2 years old. These children are crying as they try to push the abuser away. I pray these children will experience healing.

However, Judge Blomme appears to be "free on a signature bond,' according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

My dear friends, please join me in demanding that the senators STOP THE EQUALITY ACT. I don't want America to become a place where the law protects this perversion.

At any moment, HR 5 can be called to a voice vote on the floor. If there is not a member of Congress on the Senate floor to verbally object in that moment, this bill could be passed without notice and sent to Joe Biden's desk.

But our team is working to ensure an objecting voice is always present to force a full vote. A full vote would be subject to the filibuster rule that requires 60 votes. So far, there are enough votes joining Republicans to keep the filibuster.

We need all hands on deck. The Senate is in the process of criminalizing our sincerely held religious beliefs and making it illegal to protect children from the vilest of abusers. Even if you already responded, we need to keep the pressure on our senators.

My team is committed to fighting this dangerous bill. We need everyone to join in voicing opposition to the Equality Act.

This is a battle we must win!

Help us stop this dangerous bill in the Senate. Please take advantage of our extended Challenge Grant, which DOUBLES the impact of your gift right now. Support Liberty Counsel Action today.

Let me remind you what Edmund Burke said, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.' Let us not be found doing nothing in this critical moment!

Standing up for children,

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. Our Challenge Grant effectively DOUBLES the impact of your donations! Select here to be involved today.

Send a fax directly to members of the Senate and urge them to block the Equality Act. And then sign our petition against this outrageous bill. Pray for justice in this case!


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