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This Young Boy Is Begging for Help

Aug 30, 2023

In a heart-wrenching moment of honesty, a biological boy looked up at his mother. This 11-year-old was presented on Dateline NBC as a girl with long blonde hair that his mother was braiding on camera.

The mother asks, “But on the inside where nobody else can see, are you a boy or are you a girl?”

Joey “Josie” Romero responds, “Maybe I’m a boy inside and a girl outside.”

“Really?” Joey’s mom asks.

“Is that true?” Joey asks Vanessa, who continues, “So, if you wanted to grow up and be a man, would you tell me?”

“Nnnn … yeah.”

After Joey’s mom reassures the child, Joey says, “I want to be … sometimes I think I’m a boy sort of, but I want to be a girl. Would you love me if I’m a boy?” he questions his mom.

This haunting question stayed with me. How much of this confusion and mutilation is caused by children seeking the approval of their confused parents, peers, or even an online persona?

If the LGBTQ lobbyists get their way, the truth will be hidden so deeply from these children being abused and confused that they will never know they can be set free, find hope, and accept who they really are, not go under the knife to seek approval from others.

The Equality Act would force this social contagion — these lies — into our churches, daycares, schools, businesses, bathrooms, and homes!

If the “Equality Act” becomes law, it will force everyone to comply with the damaging LGBTQ and abortion agenda. We MUST stop HR 15! It will not just infringe on religious freedom … it will destroy everything in its path.

Every legislator must hear from you now! Demand they block HR 15 with your immediate faxes! — Mat

After Joey expresses some doubts to his mom for the first time on camera, he looks up and says, “You look like you’re about to cry.” This child instantly knew that his response, that inside he feels like a boy, saddened his agenda-driven mom.

What the camera fails to reveal was that his mom, Vanessa, who, apparently changed her name to Sage, had already spent several years on the speakers bureau for TransYouth Family Allies. She also received a degree in psychology that same year with the goal of launching her career in the LGBT field. “I aspire to work with LGBT youth at the crisis intervention level,” she says on her LinkedIn profile.

And, thanks to Joey, now his mother was launched into the national spotlight in the very career she wanted to pursue, the same year she graduated. That’s a lot of adult pressure to put on a child.

“You’re so nervous,” Vanessa tells Joey in the nationally televised interview.

Children are becoming props for this radical agenda at an alarming rate and with disastrous results! Later, Joey’s mom asks, “What if I said, ‘Oh, please DON’T be a girl?’” Joey pops off, “Well, I guess I would be a boy.” “No!” his mother instantly corrects him.

Later, Joey claims on camera that he never doubted or changed his mind. They went ahead with hormone blockers when he was just 11 years old without regard for his tearful grimacing while having what appears like a small fuse-shaped object inserted into his arm.

The Equality Act could force parents in every state to ignore the tears of their child and allow transgender surgery for minors. This could cause irreversible harm, sterility, and even more hardships for people like Joey. We can’t let them succeed. We must stop this child abuse.

This bill says even a “perceived” slight against anything LGBTQ could trigger several lawsuits for a Christian doctor declining to provide this type of surgery and these drugs, or a counselor giving other options, or a church unwilling to expose children in their daycare to this confusion.

We need to STOP THIS BILL! Make your voice heard on Capitol Hill to block the Equality Act.

Imagine being a lifeguard who sees someone drowning and wants to help. But when you see someone drowning and try to help, you are prevented from entering the water to save the desperate person. HR 15 will prevent parents from helping confused children. It will also prevent counselors from helping them.

This is what some professional religious counselors shared with me to explain the intensity of their feelings about what they are seeing. I am working across the nation to help restore and protect their freedom to help kids. These kids, and adults, need help.

HR 15 will expand this social contagion and harm children and families.

Liberty Counsel Action is leading grassroots opposition to this dangerous bill. We need your help to continue fighting this battle. We were the first voice alerting the public to this threat when it was first introduced years ago, and we will continue to fight as long as we have the resources we need to continue educating our legislators on Capitol Hill.

Please do not just read this email and think someone else will act. We need each of you to pray and act NOW.

Your financial support allows us to be on the front lines of the battle for the heart and soul of our nation. Support Liberty Counsel Action today.

I encourage you to pray Isaiah 59:19 for our nation: “When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him.”

I invite you to raise a standard that is desperately needed right now.

Mat Staver, Chairman

Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. Sign our petition against this outrageous bill. God’s blessings on you and your family.


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