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Pulse Mass Shooting Survivor Speaks Out

Sep 16, 2023

by Mat Staver, Chairman

A powerful movement is being led by people who are telling their stories of freedom, and they are sounding a warning against the “Equality Act.”

One of the groups that occasionally uses our ministry center in D.C. is called Fearless Identity, which was co-founded by Angel Colon. I will share below Angel’s incredible harrowing story as a survivor of the Pulse massacre.

However, if the Equality Act (HR 15) passes, it will make people like Angel invisible. It will do what a shooter couldn’t do — it will silence his testimony. It will lead to a ban on giving or receiving lifesaving counsel. Angel’s story will be removed — by law — in all venues.

Even if you already responded, help keep the pressure on our legislators to ensure the government never silences Angel’s voice and many others like him. There are 212 voting co-sponsors of this bill in the U.S. House. Radicals are just six legislators away from making HR 15 the law, but we can NEVER let that happen.

Angel Colon and Luis Ruiz share their powerful testimony with Mat Staver

Angel Colon grew up in the church but abandoned his faith. He became involved in same-sex relationships and drinking that led to drugs.

He was drunk and high during the infamous Pulse nightclub mass shooting more than seven years ago in Orlando, Florida, when a Muslim extremist opened fire, killing 49 people and wounding another 50. Later, medical experts estimated that Angel had been shot six times from the number of bullet fragments in his body. Yet in his darkest moment, God miraculously protected and redeemed his life!

After Angel was shot five times, the shooter returned to the place where he was lying in excruciating pain and executed the woman beside him.

“I was petrified knowing I was next. I heard the shooter behind me, gauging his next move. That's when I asked the Lord for forgiveness, to forgive me for failing Him, for turning my back on Him. I wanted to be at peace with God, but at that moment, my prayer changed to prophecy.

“I prophetically claimed my life for the Lord. I told Him I would not leave that building dead, that I had a purpose, and He would fulfill all the promises He made over my life. I knew in that moment that I was chosen, and God had something big for me.

“I promised Him I would worship Him for the rest of my days. The very moment I said, ‘Amen,’ I felt the bullet. Heat swelled through my abdomen, and I was certain I was dead. But when I opened my eyes, I knew the Lord spared me.”

EMS workers said if Angel had not received medical care within minutes, he would have died. Instead, he is passionately living his life for the Lord and reaching out with a message of redemption and hope for those trapped in the LGBTQ web.

Now, Angel is busy helping to organize a Freedom March in Dallas on Oct. 21, 2023, publicly calling people out of the LGBTQ lifestyle and to Jesus.

Stand up for people like Angel who have found freedom through Christ. Make sure that in America, these men, and everyone for that matter, always have the freedom to share what God has done. No one has to live in bondage. Change is possible.

Six bullets couldn’t stop Angel from speaking truth in love to others. But now HR 15 threatens their incredible ministry. Under this bill, they would face the choice to fall silent or lose everything.

Angel was the first Pulse survivor to tell the harrowing story of that terror-filled night. When he later shared that he had become a Christian and that Jesus changed him, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer dissed him. Angel’s story went against the LGBTQ narrative. HR 15 will do to Angel what Mayor Dyer and others failed to accomplish — it will silence Angel!

There are 212 voting Democrat co-sponsors of this bill. They are frantically trying to pass HR 15.

Luis Ruiz was also at Pulse that fateful night. After the last call for alcohol, Luis and his friends heard someone screaming to get out of the club.

With the shots coming closer, Luis kicked down a gate, but his foot got caught, and he was trampled. He called his mom to tell her he loved her! This praying mom warned Luis a year before of this very night. I cannot imagine how she felt when she got this call from her son before his phone went dead.

After the massacre, Luis felt God tugging at his heart, saying, “I’m giving you another chance.” But he tried to drown his memories with alcohol. The breaking point was when he found out he was HIV-positive. “That hit me hard,” Luis said. “I realized I was making a lot of bad choices.”

He turned to Christ. "Little by little, it was a process,” he said. “I would leave church and go to the club. But in that time, Jesus was taking those things away without any effort from me."

Luis and Angel co-founded the organization Fearless Identity so they could share their testimonies in churches and schools. They offer God’s love for those caught in the LGBTQ web, but HR 15 will kill this ministry.

They created a documentary about the change in their lives, More Than a Victim: The Angel Colon and Luis J. Ruiz Story. And I interviewed them both on our Freedom Alive! TV program.

The hope these young men offer the world is incredible! We cannot let the government silence their message of freedom. We can stop the Equality Act. We must stop it! Every vote in the Senate will count.

This is a battle we must win! We must not allow people like Angel and Luis to be silenced. We must stop this dangerous bill in the Senate. Take action at the links below.

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Tell the House to VOTE NO on the EQUALITY ACT. And sign our petition.

Please take advantage of our Challenge Grant, which will DOUBLE the impact of your gift. Support Liberty Counsel Action today.


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Freedom Alive! TV Program (2021, April 18-25) EPISODE 7: Orlando Pulse Survivors Now Preach Christ - Luis Ruiz & Angel Colon (Part 1 and 2).