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Startling Increase of 582 Percent

Sep 20, 2023

“I was really lost,” Grace said. She felt “out of control” and found it was “easy to fixate,” especially on her own body. She let her fixation spiral out of control into an eating disorder and even considered suicide.

She went to a female therapist but admitted, “I don’t think she had deeply studied trans stuff.” Grace thought she figured out the source of her own problems.

Grace decided she needed to start testosterone. “I felt like I had discovered the thing that would make me feel better. ... I had idealized the experience of men in society so much I thought I would be comfortable and feel safe and be myself.”

With a quick call to Planned Parenthood, Grace began taking hormones. But they came with serious consequences. Grace started to lose her beautiful soprano singing voice. She told her mom, “I’m like the little mermaid. I have to give up my voice to become a real person,” but “it is a sacrifice I need to make.”

It didn’t take long “before I started to realize that I had made a mistake,” Grace said. This mistake is shared by a skyrocketing percentage of young people, especially girls, thinking puberty blockers, hormones, and surgeries will solve all their problems. Below I will share the rest of this story.

Yet members of Congress are pushing these girls and boys into thinking they have no other choice. The “Equality Act” will cause incalculable harm to girls like Grace. Rush your urgent faxes to Congress to block HR 15. — Mat

At first, Grace thought her problems were because she “just didn’t have the right body.” She described that she was “going downhill” and having suicidal thoughts.

When Grace thought about “transitioning,” she shared, “I began to get a lot of hope, I’ll look more male, I’ll start to pass [as a male, and] I’ll feel better. I’ll get surgery; I’ll feel better. When I am in a body that fits me better, then I’ll be able to function better.”

But that never happened.

“Leading up to surgery, I had an enormous amount of anxiety about it,” Grace said, but her therapist told her that was normal. Grace dismissed her misgivings, claiming, “I think this is internalized transphobia.” But it wasn’t.

She pushed ahead and did the “top surgery” anyway. She expected to feel less depressed. She imagined that she was becoming her true self, but this feeling lasted a very short time.

“Right after the surgery, I had been hit with these awful feelings of having made a huge mistake. Undeniably, just like ‘Oh no, what I have I done?’ I was looking down at my body and seeing these weeping gashes on my chest.”

Grace was not prepared for the reality of what she had done to her own body. And LGBTQ radicals are making sure that none of these young women know the truth. Now, 212 members of the U.S. House are pushing HR 15 to silence counselors who could help these girls find the truth. God didn’t make a mistake when He created them. Mutilating the body to match the mind is never the answer.

WE NEED EVERY VOTE AND EVERY VOICE. We need your voice NOW to send a strong message. STOP the “Equality Act” with your urgent faxes to Congress now.

After surgery, Grace started researching and came across someone else who said she just wanted to masculinize her face; and once that happened, she wanted to flatten her chest; and once that was done, she needed phalloplasty ...

Grace quickly recognized the more changes made, the more she would want to change. “Oh no, this is never over. This will never be over for me,” she finally realized.

It was then that Grace finally came to a stark realization about herself. “I never felt like a man. I just felt like a woman who had her breasts cut off.”

Peace will not come from encouraging young women to mutilate their bodies. Nor will it come from hyping up our children on hormones. Yet HR 15 is a multipronged attack against these vulnerable people.

In addition to gender confusion, HR 15 also pushes abortion, targets churches and ministries that oppose this destructive agenda, upsets women’s sports, invades women’s privacy and places them at risk, and harms people of all ages. Rush your urgent faxes to Congress to block HR 15.

Many children are making the same mistake Grace made.

The rapid rise in “gender nonconforming” youth is not based on genetics. Rather, the increase is rooted in propaganda and indoctrination. Montgomery County, Maryland’s largest public school district is a hotbed of LGBTQ indoctrination. Since 2019, there has been a 582% increase in “gender nonconforming” students.

Author Bethany Mandel explained to reporters that these mushrooming numbers are “not limited to schools in Maryland or Montgomery County, but that this phenomenon is nationwide.”

A medical study labeled Gender Conforming Surgeries as a “rapidly-expanding field.” Doctors, psychologists, pharma companies, and alcohol distributors are all getting wealthy on the back of harming these young men and women. It’s time to fight back.

When you give today, you help expose what is happening and provide the opportunity to have laws that will reflect the truth that these young people so desperately need to hear. Our team in Washington needs you to add your voice to oppose HR 15. You can sign up to give a recurring monthly gift. And remember, you can DOUBLE your impact through our Challenge Grant today.

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

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