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Biology Teacher Can’t Use Biology When Teaching?

Feb 27, 2024

A Texas biology teacher was fired for teaching about XX and XY chromosomes. St. Philip's College adjunct professor Johnson Varkey simply said that chromosomes determine one’s gender. Females are XX and males are XY. This is not controversial — or at least it should not be.

Students walked out to protest this XX and XY reality. They immediately complained to the administration. Because of speaking the truth, Varkey was attacked. He was accused of "religious preaching, discriminatory comments about homosexuals and transgender individuals, anti-abortion rhetoric, and misogynistic banter" and dismissed.

“The College assumed I was preaching rather than teaching due to the negative, discriminatory stereotypes about Christians.” Because of his faith, Varkey was stripped of his position and fired.

It took 13 months and a lawsuit to get this anti-Christian discrimination — really discrimination against anyone willing to speak the truth — overturned.

But if the Equality Act passes, people like Varkey will be fired and permanently relegated to the outskirts of society — for speaking truth.

In our upside-down world, I’ll explain below how other teachers are facing threats to force them to tell children under their care bald-faced lies.

Democrats have gained one more vote to support HR 15. They now have 213 votes. There is just a handful of people standing between this bill and its passage. Rush your urgent faxes to the U.S. Congress to stop Republicans from caving and block this bill. — Mat

Right now, the Colorado legislature is debating legislation that will force schools — and everyone in them to socially transition students who are simply confused about their gender.

This is so far reaching it will even force schoolteachers and staff to use fake pronouns and preferred names, and threatens discipline or termination to any person who refuses to comply.

And to track compliance, the state is creating a task force within the Colorado Department of Education to follow up on these situations. This task force will track and evaluate every public and charter school. Then it will “publish the report on its website and submit the report to the superintendent of each school district and chief administrator of each institute charter school.”

But it doesn’t stop there. This bill will allow this radicalized task force to set its own policy and force all of these schools to comply. The bill “[r]equires a school to implement the task force's policy recommendations.”

It’s not really a “recommendation” when it is forced.

But what LGBTQ radicals are doing in Colorado is just the tip of the iceberg of what they want in every school across the nation. And they will get their way if Congress passes the Equality Act. Right now, HR 15 is only FIVE VOTES from passing!

Do not sit on the sidelines while radicals twist our nation’s laws to abuse children and people of faith.

Montana Child and Family Services (CFS) removed 14-year-old Jenny* from the home of her father, Todd Kolstad, and stepmother, Krista, after Jenny expressed suicidal thoughts. The parents objected to their daughter’s “transition” to be a “boy.” When Jenny was admitted to the hospital, the medical staff began referring to her using male pronouns. When the parents objected, the hospital staff refused to allow the parents to see their daughter.

CFS then removed Jenny from the parents’ custody, sent the girl to Wyoming, and placed the parents under a gag order. The parents broke their silence on The Megyn Kelly Show.

Meanwhile, this bill in the U.S. Congress will force this family situation into every single state across America. HR 15 is the most extreme threat to religious freedom, speech, privacy, parents, women, and to human life I have ever seen.

Everyone will be harmed, including churches, organizations, religious schools, and people of faith — but most especially people like Jennifer.

Those pushing a radical gender ideology are stealing children from their parents based on lies that will permanently harm the children!

We are providing critical information to muster opposition to the misnamed “Equality Act.” This information was key to changing the minds of senators like Susan Collins. We need your help to win this fight.

My team is committed to fighting this dangerous bill. We need everyone to join in voicing opposition to the Equality Act.

This is a battle we must win!

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Darkness is powerless against the Light of the World.

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action


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