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Unlawful “Guidance” Could Become Binding

May 13, 2024

Joe Biden is pushing his destructive agenda and is now ONE VOTE away from passing HR 15 — the misnamed “Equality Act.” In the last couple weeks, the Biden administration rolled out LGBTQ “guidance” for Title VII (employment) and Title IX (colleges and universities). While both go beyond current law, these new administrative overreaches illustrate the danger of HR 15.

These new rules purport to govern everything from bathrooms to pronouns, from hiring to firing, and sports. Not using a preferred pronoun will be considered “harassment” or “discrimination,” according to the “guidance.”

These administrative statements are being challenged. However, if the Equality Act passes, what the Biden administration is trying to push on employers and schools will become legally binding.

With the vacancies in the U.S. House, there is only a ONE VOTE margin. With just one more vote, the Democrats can pass HR 15.

This dangerous bill will affect everyone. It will not just infringe on religious freedom — it will trample it. But HR 15 goes far beyond destroying religious freedom. It will harm parents and children. Rush your urgent faxes to Congress to stop the “Equality Act.”  — Mat

Last week Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona testified before the U.S. House on Title IX, but he refused to answer yes or no to simple questions from Rep. Burgess Owens (R-UT).

  • Referring to girls in contact sports, “would you allow your daughter to physically fight and get beat up by a boy who called himself a girl, yes or no?”

  • “Can you assure us that your rules do not change the protection that our girls [in sports] have had for over 50 years?”

Sec. Cardona repeatedly refused to directly answer these and other questions. Within the new Title IX “guidance,” “athletics” is mentioned more than over 30 times, but Cardona refused to acknowledge his department’s own statements set forth in the rule.

The Biden administration’s recent efforts to act through administrative rules or policies mirrors the language of the “Equality Act.”

Under HR 15, what you cannot do legally respecting race you will not be able to do legally respecting anything having to do with LGBTQ. As churches could not (nor should they) segregate on the basis of race, they will not be able to restrict men from using women’s restrooms, locker rooms, showers, or other private places.

If this bill passes, it will legally mandate everything that the Biden administration is pushing! Among other things, the "Equality Act" will mean that:

  • Biological men will destroy women's sports and have entry to their restrooms, locker rooms, dressing/shower rooms, and shelters.

  • Churches will be forced to provide equal access to LGBTQ ceremonies if the facilities are open to natural marriage ceremonies.

  • Churches and religious schools would be forced to hire staff involved in LGBTQ conduct; give men access to restrooms, locker rooms, showers, and sports; allow boys to bunk with girls on camping and overnight trips; and provide insurance to cover hormones, mutilating surgeries, and chemical and surgical abortions.

  • Noncompliant churches and schools could lose federal, state, and local tax exemptions and accreditations.

  • From pre-K, children will be taught that they can choose their gender, will be encouraged to experiment with each other to find their "identities," and will be able to demand opposite, both, and neither sex pronouns (he for a girl, mx for both, zie for neither).

  • Abortion up to birth will be the law of the land.

  • Pregnancy centers will be forced to provide abortion referrals.

If this bill passes, you will not escape its reach into every business, church, school, and more. It will also apply to a small online business run out of your home!

This bill will vilify people for their beliefs. It will punish those who refuse to become a cheerleader for the LGBTQ agenda. Imagine “United States of America v. [Your Name, Your Church or School].”

HR 15 won’t just affect the school or your work; it will affect YOU TOO. If HR 15 passes, you won’t be able to speak out against this propaganda, or even make social media posts that contradict it.

The Democrats need only ONE VOTE to pass the bill. 

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Mat Staver, Chairman

Liberty Counsel Action


Fax Congress to say VOTE NO on the Equality Act. If you prefer a petition over a fax, select here.


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