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What I learned from the BSA

May 14, 2024

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) just neutered themselves and altered the DNA that made them a once great organization — which was to instill good character in boys to be “morally straight.”

In 2019, the BSA changed its name to “Scouts BSA.” But even the letter “B” was apparently too offensive. So, last week, the BSA put the last nail in its coffin by going gender neutral with its new name — “Scouting America.”

This insane shift to be “inclusive” now makes BSA totally irrelevant. The once great organization will soon fade from history, even as it emerges from bankruptcy after establishing a Victims Compensation Trust that is currently valued at 2.4 billion dollars — with more to come from its insurers.

The cancer that brought the BSA to bankruptcy was men abusing boys. Instead of rooting out the problem, the BSA has made it worse.

And while the BSA voluntarily committed suicide, this organization’s descent into the abyss is an example of what will happen by force of law to other organizations IF Congress passes HR 15, the so-called “Equality Act.”

The dangerous and destructive path that the BSA voluntarily chose, is the same path that LGBTQ radicals want to force on our entire nation, including churches, religious schools, nonprofits, employers, home businesses, and so much more. The so-called “Equality Act” will mandate much of what the BSA willingly chose on every person and organization.

There will be no escape. There will be no alternative if HR 15 is passed.

The Equality Act will target everyone — especially religious people and institutions — with shocking, never-before-seen violations of freedom in America. Please Send your faxes to Congress to stop the "Equality Act" from endangering people in our communities. — Mat

The BSA co-sponsored the World Jamboree in West Virginia in 2018, which “required” condoms to be “readily available” throughout the event and even permitted alcohol in certain venues at an event that had a significant percentage of girls as young as 14 years old.

In their drive to include girls and children confused about their identity and attractions, the BSA further aggravated an already dangerous program by throwing everyone together in an overnight camping environment. It’s a basic youth protection principle that you don’t “tent” boys and girls together for a reason.

Against strong advice, the BSA then began allowing boys attracted to other boys to join the group and tent with other boys, creating a dangerous environment.

Not surprisingly, by 2023, the BSA had to settle 82,000 abuse cases from people who had been molested as boys by adult scout leaders. They had to set up a 2.4-billion-dollar fund to settle these cases and ended up having to file for bankruptcy.

But the abuse continues and is now aggravated because the BSA lacked the common sense to stand up to the LGBTQ mob — even when it comes to protecting young boys and girls from predators.

This is infuriating.

It is why our new Liberty Counsel Action president, John Stemberger, founded Trail Life USA, an entirely new organization for boys to recapture the original vision of the Boy Scouts.

Under John’s leadership, Trail Life USA was founded as a Christian scouting movement that has mushroomed to more than 1,100 troops in all 50 states with over 55,000 members.

But if the Equality Act is passed, groups like Trail Life will be reduced to nothing more than Boy Scouts 2.0. There will be nowhere our children can go to get away from the attacks of these predators. Not even in church.

  • Daycares would be open to known pedophiles.

  • Churches would be forced to allow males in female private facilities.

  • Female athletes would be unable to stop young men from attacking and abusing them on and off the field.

  • Overnight trips would become a Russian roulette with abusers given full access to vulnerable children away from the watchful eyes of their parents, and so much more.

And right now, every single Democrat is pushing this agenda. They are ONE VOTE from passing HR 15 in the U.S. House. Just ONE VOTE!

HR 15 explicitly repeals the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act and strips religious people of their right to live out their faith. No person, church, or school will be untouched.

This will go from the killing of the Boy Scouts of America — all by self-inflicted wounds — to the killing of our nation by forcing this agenda on to the youngest generation bearing the brunt of these wounds.

It is imperative that we do not allow this bill to pass. Stand with me today. Send faxes to Congress to block HR 15.

This bill is so dangerous that we cannot ignore it; we cannot wait for others to fight it; and we cannot turn away while others are strategizing how to pass it. We are providing critical information to strengthen opposition to HR 15, but members of the House and Senate NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU!

Together, we can win! I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to stop HR 15.

I appreciate your prayers and your support. Join our 2024 Challenge Grant to DOUBLE the impact of your gift right now.

Mat Staver, Chairman

Liberty Counsel Action


Fax Congress to say VOTE NO on the Equality Act. If you prefer a petition over a fax, select here.


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