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A Father’s Right?

Feb 20, 2020

On Valentine’s Day of this year, 2020, a heartbreaking abortion case made international headlines. A Colombian couple was excited to welcome their first child, who they named Juanse. However, at seven months old little Juanse would never meet his father, Juan Pablo Medina. His mother, Medina’s ex-girlfriend, decided to terminate her pregnancy against the wishes of his father.

A child develops pain sensors at 20 weeks old and is considered viable at 22 weeks. Juanse was 30 weeks old and most likely felt every second of his death. This case is particularly horrifying because we find a father pleading for his child’s life but ultimately left defenseless.

On Life Site News, Jeanne Smits wrote:

The little boy had no disease or malformation, and the pregnancy was progressing without any health problems either for the child or for his mother, according to the father.

Juan Pablo Medina’s heartbreaking loss followed what looked like an ordinary story of an ordinary couple from the suburbs of Bogotá. The senior law student from Popayán in the southeast of the Colombian capital told the media that when Juanse was conceived, it was the result of a joint decision on the part of his girlfriend, who was then a 22-year-old student, and himself. They had been together for 14 months, and they both wanted a baby.

It was in September of last year that they discovered that she was three months along. “It made us very happy,” says Medina. They actively prepared to welcome the child.

The couple had made the decision to conceive together, but when the girl’s mother discovered she was pregnant, the mother convinced her it would hurt her future. Medina then was separated from his girlfriend and his child. Even though, Medina made it clear that he would care for Jaunse alone and provide his son with a loving home.

It wasn’t long before mutual friends let Medina know that his girlfriend had chosen to admit herself and her child into the hospital. She was asking to terminate Juanse at a viable age of seven months. She claimed he had a malformation and that her health was in danger. However, her previous sonograms showed no evidence of physical or mental health concerns for her or Juanse. Meanwhile, Medina continued to plea for Juanse’s life.

Profamilia, a national affiliate of Planned Parenthood, stepped in and eventually deemed Juanse’s mother mentally unstable and terminated his life. The doctors at Profamilia have had no training in mental health nor are they specialized in mental health.

Regarding Medina hearing the news of his son’s death, Life Site News writes:

“They’ve killed him,” he answered. He is now filing criminal complaints against his girlfriend and her mother, accusing the latter of having instigated the abortion. He published a statement thanking the many Colombians who helped him over the last few months and speaking of his grief at having lost his son, whom he had hoped to see being born and growing up. “I would have given him all my love,” he said.

It is a sad reality that a father who desires to protect his child from pain and death is left defenseless in today’s society. Our prayers are with Medina as he seeks justice and peace during a trying time.

At 20 weeks a child can feel tremendous pain. The United States Senate is about to vote on a bill called the Pain-Capable Act. It is a federal act that would advocate for the unborn. This act would limit abortions after 20 weeks old.

A 20-week-old child, who is capable of feeling every second of its death, should be treated with respect and human dignity. Liberty Counsel Action is working hard to protect helpless preborn and newborn babies in America. Right now, U.S. legislators are poised to hold a vote in the U.S. Senate to make a decision on a bill that would protect children like little Juanse.

Make your voice heard before Friday at 10 AM by signing our petition. Or send an urgent fax before Monday, February 24, 2020 to reach our list of legislators who need to change their minds in order to pass this legislation.

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