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On February 25, 2020, U.S. Democrats led a filibuster against the Born-Alive Act (S 311) that blocked closing the loopholes in our federal law. These loopholes currently allow medical staff to abuse and kill newborn babies after they are born alive. Liberty Counsel Action knows that these murders are happening across America because of the undercover journalism of Sandra Merritt.

Our team’s cross-examination of witnesses under oath authenticated the undercover videos and the materials caught on tape by Sandra Merritt. Medical staff described cutting open the face of a 25-week-old newborn baby to harvest his brain while his heart was still beating. This is nearly a month after the age of viability outside the womb! 

Additional testimony exposed that the hearts of babies were harvested WHILE STILL BEATING! Planned Parenthood has supplied numerous hearts and other tissues to organ procurement companies ... some that sold for $17,000! 

In addition, we confirmed that these abortionists were altering their abortion procedure to cause “tumultuous labor” at great risk and pain to the mothers, without their knowledge or consent. The purpose of this different procedure would result in either an illegal partial-birth abortion or more likely the births of living newborn babies for organ harvestingwithout ANY anesthesia. Tell Congress this needs to stop!

These videos were taped four years ago and not a single abortion staff member has been charged with a crime! In contrast, Sandra Merritt has faced the full weight of California and Planned Parenthood attacking her. As a whistleblower, she had to pay $75,000 in bail to get out of jail and has been involved in months of ongoing costly litigation that Liberty Counsel is providing to her pro bono! 

Help us make sure the personal cost that Sandra and this legal team is facing right now makes a change in our nation! 

There is a bill sitting in Congress right now that will stop this gruesome and barbaric practice! U.S. House Republicans have introduced this bill more than 80 times! But every time, Speaker Nancy Pelosi actively blocks this bill by refusing to schedule it. There is a little-known path called a “Discharge Petition” through which if 218 U.S. Representatives sign this letter, this bill will be automatically scheduled. And Pelosi won’t be able to stop it. There are currently 203 representatives who have signed this letter. We need just 15 more. 

A bill in the U.S. Senate (S 311) mirrors the House bill. We have the votes to pass it. However, Democrats are committed to this culture of death. Shockingly, they have filibustered this bill! We are just five votes away from breaking that filibuster and passing this bill out of the Senate. 

The harvesting of organs has been going on for decades! ABC’s News aired an explosive seven-minute segment showing the well-established sale of baby body parts –nineteen years ago. Yet Sandra Merritt’s undercover journalist work proved this practice still continued 15 years after this segment was aired!

Will you stand with me and fight to change the minds of 20 U.S. legislators? Our organization has created a targeted list of the 56 legislators who are mostly likely to see the truth of what is going on behind closed abortion clinic doors. Will you sign our petition and send an urgent fax today to appeal to these members of Congress to protect these newborn babies?



This bill is known as the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act (HR 962 and S 311). And we have compiled a list of every one of the 276 legislators who are fighting against protections for these little babies. Below are some suggestions you can do to make an impact on this bill.

We strongly discourage hateful language or wording that could be seen as a threat. That is not the most effective way to change minds. In addition, if you live in the district of a member listed above, make sure they know that you are their constituent!



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