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HR 1 (now S 2093) —An Attack Against Election Integrity

Democrats in D.C. have launched a shocking nationwide bill that will make permanent the loopholes which were used to cheat—under the excuse of COVID—in all 50 states.

But they aren't stopping there. This legislation will also build in new loopholes for fraud and greatly expand existing ones! Cloaked in Marxist double-speak, HR 1 is called the “For the People Act” but it is designed to dilute your vote, encourage fraud, embezzlement, and solidify the control radicals have over individual Americans.

If this bill becomes law, it will have a huge impact not only at the national level but on the state and county levels as well!

We need your help to block this bill!


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DOJ Preclearance:

What is preclearance? It's getting approval from the DOJ before doing anything...

Watch this insightful video <click here>.

Rough notes:

Maureen Riordan (MR) – DOJ for 20 years PILC
Russ Nobile (RN) – Judicial Watch
Christian Adams (JCA) - President, Public Interest Legal Foundation

“Every change that you could possibly imagine has to be submitted.” (MR)

How many polling machines will be there, where the polling station will be located, how well the precinct will be staffed, how the registrar’s offices will administrate the election, what are voter qualifications, at a very granular level. (RN)

“To show you the scope of the power,” said (JCA), “I would review resumes for Spanish translators for Texas school districts… because that was considered a ‘change’ under Section 5.” He went on to describe that “Oh yes, annexations must be precleared because they add voters to the election pool. So if you are going to annex a part into a town, you have to have the federal government approve it.”

“This bill gives complete control to bureaucrats in the civil rights division. And after spending 20 years working with these people, I can tell you that they have a complete symbiotic relationship with every left-wing advocacy group that is in the United states and they work hand in hand with these groups and really almost have no autonomy without those groups.” (MR)

While the DOJ has 60 days to approve every single change, very often right before midnight the DOJ will request “additional information” (MR) from the community.

“It’s worse than Democrats in Congress grabbing power; its people you never see and aren’t accountable.” When one DOJ leaked info to the press, she was not punished she was “treated like a hero.” Democrats have wanted this power for the last eight years. And they have introduced this bill every year in Congress.



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